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Post by exxos » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:26 am

With some passing comments on the STOS FB group, there seems to be a rise in newcomers to STOS lately! I suggested some small coding challenges to get people coding something which would teach some basic programming skills and ultimately be useful in future programs.

Each routine will be posted in the relevant thread. Where we can see what solutions people will come up with. We can also discuss the pros and cons of each routine, and I may even posts my own solutions if I have any ideas not already thought of.

Please save files in ASC format to allow posting of code here. It will also help with "conflicts" of extension letters which people may use. Please load any MBK files etc from disk (ASC format is text only so banks need to be loaded by code at run time).

I would prefer people register on the forum to post solutions directly. It will save a lot of confusion long term. I will try to keep up with posts on FB and on emails, but my time is limited!

Depending how popular the challenge series will be, I will post new challenges when we have several submissions from people for each challenge. I overall aim to build upon previous challenges, in a small, but challenging way in order to get people thinking of solutions to common routines.

Overall, this is just a bit of fun to get people started, and help in getting started with simple programming.
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