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STOS gottacha's

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:02 am
by exxos
Just some quick notes of things which have caught me out recently in STOS..


For Z=0 to A step 2

What STOS actually ends up with is..

For Z=0 to as TEP2

Basically because "as" is a term used in STOS. Of course this isn't uncommon to happen, but as I tend to use "A" as my first variable, then it could catch out others easily as well..


When using the DRAW commands, in the editor, STOS seems to assume colour 1 as the line colour. BUT, in the compiler it seems to assume colour 0. I had actually missed "INK 1" out of my code, never thought to add it as it used colour 1 anyway, but compiled I just got a blank screen. Adding in "INK 1" and now works compiled.