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Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:30 pm
by exxos

Patch old/already compiled STOS programs to work with any new TOS version. This program is a lot more advanced than the older STOSFIX3 etc.

This is small TOS executable, written in ASM. If using older TOS version, below TOS 2.0X need to rename to TTP, so can enter filename what want to fix. In TOS 2.06 and later use drag and drop. Of course, may use it as TTP too in higher TOS versions. Purpose is to make those by STOS created games to work on any TOS version, Falcon, TT, where other STOS patchers like STOSFIX3 would possibly fail.

In TOS 2.06 and higher use simply drag & drop of STOS executable file. In earlier TOS versions must use program as TTP, so rename to. Then need to enter STOS program file name. If not in same DIR as fixer, then must enter path too. If program detects that it is STOS executable will patch it. Before it will save original file with extension ORG - only if there is enough space on drive where original file is. There will be no warning in case of some error, so user must take care about free space and floppy reliability before running fixer.

There are packed STOS executables (SFX), with diverse packing systems. User needs to depack them first, otherwise will be not updated. If STOS exec is already fixed with some fixer, will be not updated most likely.

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