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Post by exxos » Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:31 pm

If you are asking for help to repair your machine then state as much information as possible. Posting things like "Why does my ST not boot" isn't helpful. We need to know exactly what your machine is, how you connected it up, things you have tried or tested etc.

Please also note that if you ask for help, and someone is helping you, be aware, diagnostics can take a very long time. You will likely need a multimeter and a scope to do deep diagnostics. If you are looking for a "quick 5 second fix" with no effort involved, then please do not post here. There is nothing more annoying to help people who quit after a short while.

Please also search for forum before posting here. Common faults like the PSU are already listed and documented.

There is also my website with a lot of information on already so please check that out first as well.
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