Falcon VGA 3-in-1 monitor adapter by dhedberg

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Falcon VGA 3-in-1 monitor adapter by dhedberg

Post by exxos » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:32 pm

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This adapter plugs into the monitor port and makes it possible to connect monitors using a standard VGA cable.
It also features a switch for changing between RGB and VGA video modes, allowing users with multi-sync monitors to take advantage of all video modes of the Falcon030. Finally, the adapter provides a higher frequency pixel clock signal to the Falcon030 video chip, making it possible to achieve higher screen resolutions. The adapter is compatible with the Blow-Up software and Videlity software (used to configure the enhanced video modes).

More information here:
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The Blow-Up software has been released by its author and can be copied freely.
Please read the READ-ME.TXT file included in the BLOWUP.ZIP archive for further instructions and a few example configurations (these require the 3-in-1 monitor adapter).

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Manual (German, original):
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Manual (English, kindly provided by Saturnin51):
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Store link:
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