ubeswitch - video adapter.

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ubeswitch - video adapter.

Post by ube » Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:27 pm

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ubeswitch is a semi-smart solution for your Atari ST FM/E which adds:
* VGA connector
* Button for switching video mode and configuration (see blelow).
* 3.5mm A/V connector
* Volume control.
* Automatic detection and switching of resolution (requires software implementation).

Button functions:
* Short press (0.25-1.999[..] seconds): Switch resolution.
* Long press (+2 seconds): Save current resolution as default at cold boot.

Please note:
15KHz H-Sync capable monitor is required.
Early ST models does not have 12V output on video port and thus cannot power the adapter.

Code, schematics and PCB-layout available at GitHub

Store link

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