SoundPool ADAT Digital Interface for the Atari Falcon 030

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SoundPool ADAT Digital Interface for the Atari Falcon 030

Post by exxos » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:26 pm

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The SoundPool ADAT Falcon Digital Interface: product information courtesy of SoundPool GmbH, Zaberfeld-Germany.
ADAT Interface

The ADAT digital interface connects the Falcon Production System to all devices of the ADAT family. It allows up to eight tracks to be recorded to hard disk simultaneously where they can be edited with single sample precision.

In 1996, when the SoundPool ADAT interface was sold, the ADAT family included Alesis and Fostex 8-Track ADAT Digital Recorders, Alesis Effects and Synthesizers, and Mixers and Synthesizers made by Korg and Yamaha.

Connecting the Interface to the Falcon

Use the special SoundPool DSP adapter cable to connect the ADAT interface to the Falcon. The SPDIF interface will be connected to the SPDIF port of the ADAT interface with the short D-Sub DSP connector.

Connecting the Interface to the ADAT or Mixer

Use optical cables to connect the input and output of the ADAT with the output and input of the interface. Please refer to the ADAT manual.

Software Installation

The SoundPool ADAT interface is supported by Cubase Audio (Version 2.06 or higher) and AudioTracker (Version 1.60 or higher). Other programs only support eight track playback. For proper installation and input selection refer to the manuals of the software.

8-Track Record

With the ADAT interface you can record eight tracks to hard disk simultaneously. AudioTracker can do this directly. Cubase needs an additional recording tool which writes the tracks onto HD in Cubase AIFF format.

Playback with Quartz Clock

Normally the wordclock at the ADAT interface input is used for recording and playback. If this input wordclock is not present for playback (e.g. only one ADAT recorder is used for recording and playback), you have to switch to the build in 48kHz quartz clock of the ADAT interface.

If a 44.1 kHz quartz clock is required for playback, use the clock of the SPDIF interface.

Using a Digital Mixer as Wordclock Master (Yamaha 02R or Korg Sound Link)

Connect the mixer and the computer with the optical or coaxial cables. The mixer is the wordclock master and the computer the wordclock slave. Be sure to select mixer to master wordclock mode at either 44.1 or 48kHz. Select 'external wordclock' at the computer.

Cubase Audio: Hardware setup - input ADAT (this is always external)
AudioTracker: Audio parameter - input ADAT and playclock external

Please note: In this mode playback only with the mixer's wordclock is recommented. If a DIGITAL I/O Error! message appears, you have to switch the computer to external wordclock.

Using Digital Mixer as Wordclock Slave

If the computer only sends data to the mixer, you can use the quartz clock of the Falcon's SPDIF interface. All clock sources can be used for playback. Select ADAT input from the wordclock menu at the mixer.

ADAT Interface Features

Power supply: External 9V, 800-1000 mA, GND outside
ADAT Input: Optical Connector (TOS Link) ADAT Format
ADAT Output: Optical Connector (TOS Link) ADAT Format
Falcon Port: D-Sub, SoundPool Format
SPDIF/FDI Port: D-Sub, SoundPool Format All my hardware guides - mods - games - STOS - All my hardware mods for sale - Please help support by making a purchase.
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