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Re: website status

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:08 am
by exxos
Its back up. Looks like it had been under heavy attack :roll:

BTW - it only really works with internet exploder anyway.


Oddly looking like caused the crash.. got into some odd loop and crashed. Bot's IP range now banned!

Looks like its bugging others as well ... wn-my-site

Re: website status

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 2:22 am
by exxos
What I will try and do is extract the AMN forum and see if I can update it and get it running as a "proper" phpbb forum like this forum. I've noticed the AMN forum is all kinds of broken and it seems to be linking to posts here for some odd reason.

In any case.. I need to get the site running on its own sever at some point. Its hard for me to update my server when stuff needs really old versions of stuff to work.

Preserving all the content is still my main goal. Articles are mostly on here now anyway. Downloads will follow in due time, that just leaves the forum mostly. Though until I can properly see what's on the AMN forum, there might not be anything worth preserving anyway.

Re: website status

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 11:38 pm
by exxos
Unfortunately I have had to take AMN offline. Hackers are just hammering the site constantly and its crashing parts of the SQL database and corrupting it. Because its running such old versions of stuff I am not really surprised by all this. There is no easy way to update it either as the site is just so broken it's unreal.

As people should know, I am still slowly transfering articles and downloads from AMN over into this forum, but its very slow going as I am struggling to find time to sort it all out.

It is doubtful the site will be online again. Though I will see if I can copy the forum contents over to a new forum to preserve the contents. I don't know if anything is worth keeping there yet, I need to look when I get the forum ported over.

Re: website status

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:08 am
by exxos
I have been working on exporting the forum for the past couple of days, getting the hang of it finally!

One of the main problems is that aside from the board been pretty broken to start with, is mixed in with loads of joomla crap :roll: I'm having to do all sorts of manual changes to the database and files strip it all-out.

The next problem is it is a old version of phpbb, I managed to updated to the latest version yesterday in a previous test.

At first glance it does not look like there is much content there to worth bothering with, but under the ATARI section ,there are multiple sub forums with various posts.

I was talking to Malcolm about this a couple years ago in fact, about making a copy of the forum as a static archive in order to preserve the content.

And before people ask, I don't think it is really possible to merge the whole forum into a subsection here :( one of the problems I found is that if I did not copy over the user list, only the forum topics were displayed. This would mean all the users from AMN forum would have to be ported over to this forum which probably would not end very well. I would also think the posts themselves would have to be altered by user IDs which would have to match a new users list. Overall it could be possible, but I think there is just better things to spend time on. The important thing is that the content will be saved and still accessible.

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