Forgotten SW project

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Forgotten SW project

Post by Petari » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:31 am

This one, from 2011 just was never published, and missing from this page:
I just spotted on it during my recent nightmare discussion with Hatari developers about sound errors in it.

SW is regular format WAV player for STE - WAV format same as audio CD format, so 44100 Hz, 16-bit stereo format audio file, direct playback on Atari STE, without need for some conversion before play.
Of course, it needs conversion, since STE can not 44100 Hz samplerate. And it can be done on-fly, even on slow STE. I thought that it will be not possible, but it is. With little luck - see TXT file in archive. - 28 MB, including one song in proper format.
Of course, mass storage is a must. You can try with other WAV files - it's not so easy to find now WAV songs online, most is MP3, but there are ways to convert - AudaCity for instance. Or just use SW for ripping from audio CD.
This is alfa version. In case of interest I can add some GUI and other things. It needs not much RAM, so 512 KB STE is enough.
Fast mass storage is a must. Satandisk - no way. Even UltraSatan can be not fast enough - speed depends a lot from used SD card. IDE adapters should be OK, they are generally faster than UltraSatan.
There is some longer blog about how code progressed:
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