C070789- rev D - french 1040 STF

STF motherboards.
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C070789- rev D - french 1040 STF

Post by Maeke » Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:43 pm

I'll reply with my own c070789- rev D, but from a french 1040 STF (TOS 1.02 fr when received, not yet upgraded).
P1000547.JPG (3.91 MiB) Viewed 2650 times
Then i'll add my '91 STE, yep no RF modulators on french STEs. In this one the blitter is integrated, the floppy controller is an AJAX, and it has the so-called "good DMA" (see EXXOS's research about this myth).
P1000420.JPG (3.56 MiB) Viewed 2650 times
If i take too long to reply, sorry my cat is sleeping on my laps.

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