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Re: 800xl video

Post by tzok » Thu Oct 01, 2020 11:49 am

Most 800XLs had a very nice picture over S-Video (much cleaner than XE series), some times it was required to remove one capacitor used to "soften" the image on the CRT (later units have this part unpopulated). Adding S-Video output is a mater of 1 resistor and a piece of wire. It is a cost of next to nothing. I have not done any other "super/ultra/ultimate" video mods. 800XLF units have slightly worse video than original 800XLs.

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Re: 800xl video

Post by PeteW » Tue Oct 06, 2020 1:58 pm

I've got a pretty good picture now using svideo and a number of mods from various online resources, so I will list those that I've found made a difference here once I'm done.

As @tzok has said, so far very little has been needed to get quite a nice picture.

There is one area of improvement still I'd like to investigate and that is I'm getting faint vertical lines on the screen, mainly noticeable when there is a large block of a single colour on screen (like the blue startup screen).

These lines are on the luma signal (i.e. I see them in monochrome even with chroma disconnected). I was wondering if a diode inline on the luma wire of the monitor cable might help? Would it need to be something specific to deal with the frequencies involved perhaps? The only diodes I have lying around are 1n5400 so I may give those a try perhaps - what do people think?

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