Notator files in Logic.

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Notator files in Logic.

Post by Cosmic Puppet » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:17 pm

So, I have Logic 5 which was released on the PC which has more pulses per quarter note (along with an easier matrix editor) and my idea is to make use of that after initially composing and arranging everything in Notator on the Atari. This way I can push ahead of the beat etc and get closer to how I actually play timing wise.

I can import a SON file into Logic no problem and open the tracks. The problem is that it doesn't play the keyboard sounds. I just get some awful general midi sounding sounds instead.

Everything is nailed apart from this annoying thing I discovered last night and I'm not sure who will know the answer to a question like this since it's a nearly twenty year old program which now only exists on the mac and I'm guessing is a lot different now.
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