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Post by stween » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:16 pm

Okay, seems most folks have this board. I didn't pop the back shield off because it was pretty stubborn, but the "bodge" wire seen in another thread is back there.
46294011722_70d5cba9fe_h.jpg (996.61 KiB) Viewed 1834 times

Atari STe (Flickr)

Anybody care to decipher the numbers on here for me?

Backstory on this machine: I know folks have their issues with ebay but this machine popped up as an "untested" 520ST. The photo was blurry but it looked like an STe badge, so I asked, and it was. An STe could often sell for over £200 over there, even untested I think, but I got this for closer to £50.

Aside from a little discolouration on the case, this machine appeared to be in excellent condition. I plugged it in and it came back to life without any issue whatsoever! I've popped open the case and there's barely even any keyboard fluff. There's a little rusting on some of the RF shielding, but even with that, I'm impressed at the condition of a machine that apparently didn't attract enough interest from the seller for a power-on test!

The only odd part is that the keyboard seems different to what I'm used to: spongier, and the characters on the keys seem slightly blurrier. Are there known different runs of the keyboards, and/or did factories in different locations turn out hardware to a different quality?

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