Future Wars

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Future Wars

Post by russellnash » Thu May 27, 2021 8:08 am

The first Atari I had was an STE and the first game I played on it was Future Wars

I went to play it recently for the first time in 31 years on an STE. I used the Ultrasatan version. The original was also installable on hard drive. The thing that made it special for me to this day was the music. I didn't know at the time but only the STE played this wonderful music. It also made me think at the time that ST games generally must have great music. When I started the game I was surprised when at the intro I got chip music. As far as I can tell if you play an original copy of the game from floppy you get STE music, but not from hard disk or other versions. I haven't tried all menu versions yet so maybe there is a version that plays the STE music too. Here is a not so good recording of the STE intro music. Couldn't upload a music file to the board. I cannot find the STE music soundtrack anywhere on the internet, so maybe it will be lost forever?



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