List of games crashing with 4 MB RAM

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List of games crashing with 4 MB RAM

Post by Petari » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:49 am

There is plenty of them.
At moment can list only 3:
Player Manager (ANCO)
221B Baker Street

Please add here titles which crashed for you with 4 MB RAM - and you are sure that it's the real reason, and not TOS v. for instance.

As I see, it is mostly screen draw error - overshot in code, so try to write in loc over 4MB - what triggers bus error.
There is already solution against - SW what sets machine to act as 1MB or 512KB one. But I just got idea for other solution - after exxos post about STOS crash with 4 MB RAM - and it is really simple. Tried with 2 of listed games and they worked with 4 MB fine. Will post it here after little more tests.
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