New External Floppy Enclosure

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Re: New External Floppy Enclosure

Post by DominoTree » Fri Jan 22, 2021 4:59 pm

davemacblack wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:36 am
It looks really good.
DominoTree wrote:
Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:51 pm
I *finally* got the one model number of pin sold between DigiKey and Mouser that fits well and is long enough to go through the PCB to make it easy to assemble and sturdy. It all fits like a glove.
@DominoTree Can you please tell the pin model number? I've been trying different for a while, but I still can't find the right one.
These are the ones I ended up using ... 0/10063633

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