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FOR SALE - PiModem

Post by SolderGirl » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:27 am

Hello guys!

Offering this on multiple places, and wanted to give you the opportunity as well.
A little backstory:
When i started modding my Atari520ST, one of the things i really wanted to get going was dialing into BBS systems.
For me, BBS'es were one of the most exciting expiriences when i got my first computer, and have never lost their fascination.

But these days, most BBSes are running on telnet, and modems really don't work very well over VoIP phone lines.
Then i stumbled across the PiModem Project (
I had a RaspberryPi left unused, and so i built one for my 520ST.

Much later, i came across the OrangePi Zero. A tiny SBC, mostly Raspberry compatible, and with one important feature:
It has a connector for an external WiFi antenna. And i just had to combine the two.
So i took an old Modem, and built the OrangePi right into it. It got sold on the german Atari-Forum within 2 days,
and i used the money to buy more parts.

Here i am offering the second one i built. Removed most of the original PCB, added voltage regulator and line level converter, and of course the OrangePi Zero and antenna. So if you want an easy and stylish way to connect your Atari or other retro Computer to BBSes or even the internet, this is a great way to do it. Works with any Terminal programm, and dialup software for PPP.
Asking price is 50€+shipping.
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