TF536 on A1000

68030 + SDRAM + IDE

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TF536 on A1000

Post by 8 Bit Dreams » Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:20 am

TF536 on A1000
CPU: 030
IDE: Yes, GAYLE emulated
FlashROM: No
Fit without Relocator: No
Relocator: Yes, designed by EzdineG memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=396, open – source, ready to use

Tested TF536 in A1000 with help of a relocator designed by our forum member EzdineG. He was very kind and donated me some relocators so was able to test TF536 without any problems. Need to add: this relocator was initially designed for TF530/TF534, so all these cards (also such cards like Vampire and HC533 may be also used with this relocator, and will fit perfectly). Also very nice feature that I need to tell about - is KS switcher, so once installed – you'll have two roms in Your A1000.

As about TF536 itself - it works just as it should, nice and stable without any crashes or unexpected gurus. Haven’t stumbled on any bugs till now. Need to admit that i am not the lucky owner of sidecar, so this test wasn't possible..
The one and only issue that makes me sad here is small amount of ChipRAM – only 512kb…
IDE provides 1.3MB/s out of the box. Installing muFastROM gives You a good boost, bun You need a full CPU with MMU support to be able to use it.
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