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Re: Top of the pile

Post by atari030 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:15 pm

Keeping track of everything is getting to be hard work. I've been recapping all the ST power supplies I have. List goes like this;

Mitsumi SR98 x 2
ASPF34-4 x1
Tokin x1
DVE DSP-508A x1

The DVE is the only one I could get HV caps for locally. Its working a treat now. Interestingly the supplies with the most visible problems are the Mitsumi's. They looked atrocious when I pulled them out. One of them had a bulge in the 47uf 400v cap and the rest on both had leaked.

I decided to check the MegaST PSU's while I was at it. The two I have had ASPF34-4 PSU's. I decided to give the ASPF out of the big button 1040 a crack in the Mega and low and behold it worked. I'll look into that a bit more. One of the ASPF supplies is a rev 6 and has C3 installed.

I wasn't a recap skeptic, but was always figured if it ain't broke.... well, most of these PSU's had leaky caps. Its worth doing.

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Re: Top of the pile

Post by atari030 » Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:48 pm

With so many ST's I'm still recapping seemingly ad infinitum. Also taken on an A600 and Vampire for a mate which means I'm looking at recapping a couple of A500 PSU's too. It's getting right out of hand.

I picked up another STE motherboard and PSU so I now have two in need of cases. Not sure how this keeps happening.....

On a happier note, the Aussie summer is great for retro whitening ST's and keyboards. I've had a few yellowed ones that are now back to white. It seems to take about three days on average with good results just after one day. I have a couple of stubborn ones but I will persist. At least they now look grey rather than yellow.

Fixed a pile of spare keyboards too. Slowly winning and the repair pile is getting smaller by the day.


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