Anyone saw this TOS-IDE card ?

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Anyone saw this TOS-IDE card ?

Post by Petari » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:50 pm

Site about:
(in German)
This is made by my basic design:
In circuit flashable ERPROM, with TOS switch . There is SW for programming AMD brand Flash EPROMs of 4 Mbit.

I'm not sure that my for AMD made SW is good for other Flash EPROM brands - I needed different one for Atmel, for instance. So, may be that for ST brand again something little different is required (programming, deleting commands, algorithm may differ). On pictures what one owner sent me are ST Flash EPROMs, and he got it for free - maybe because programming did not work ?
But manufacturer/seller newer contacted me - what is not rare case, I heard about it actually yesterday for first time.
The question would be: anyone used it with success, and what brand Flash EPROMs were on card ?
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Re: Anyone saw this TOS-IDE card ?

Post by tuxie » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:00 pm


i know this card and i had also one... i know also the creator personal.... But the second IDE Port isnt a second one, its just like Y .. the creator did not understand how IDE works...
So he used a small CPLD with simple code adapted from the GALS. I think there was AMD 29FXXX Flashs on it.

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