Hello from Mexico City!

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Hello from Mexico City!

Post by AmigoMexicano » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:34 pm

Hello! I'm AmigoMexicano, real name Juan, from Mexico.

Many know me from other places because I always use the same profile name... well yes, it's me!

I came here to find a 15khz generator for vga monitors. I'm done buying here and there just to find out they don't display the Amiga/Atari frequency. I need one of these, and also sell back all the LCDs I already bought that didn't work, badly named as "Multisync" (damn misleading companies).

So, nice to meet you and I'll be around!
From Mexico City... AmigoMexicano!
(Yes, the same one from many other forums)

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