FALCON 030 RTC (2017 Batch)

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Re: FALCON 030 RTC (2017 Batch)

Post by Steve » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:05 pm

Just FYI I had the same issue kodak had, I ended up having to remove my exxos rtc as well. I'm using something else unfortunately (I love exxoss blue pcbs) but you see, it's not economical to send such a small item back for testing. Theres obviously a bad batch.
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Re: FALCON 030 RTC (2017 Batch)

Post by exxos » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:13 pm

The "fault" was the time wasn't advancing, but it wasn't something I actually took notice of on the last batch of boards during testing :roll: , So I don't know if they had that problem when shipped or not. I did have a lot fail on the last 2017 batch, but I had a lot of issues with solder paste on the last run of purple boards, so put it down to that. Those failed boards just went in the bin anyway.

The blue ones are all fully checked now that the time advances, There was like 80 of them made up and not one failed in any way. So I don't know why one batch would work perfectly, and another lot fail. Again, I put it down to the paste, but its only a guess. It can't be ruled out that something on your machines has killed them either.

I don't think there was many that batch, looking back there was 25 built, but I remember a lot failed, more failed than passed for sure. So probably about 10 ended in stock, you guys probably went through 5 of them.. But of course some problems were down to no capacitor on the falcon motherboard causing some faults as well.

Looking back again, it was likely Aug 24, 2017 batch. The next purple boards were Jan 30, 2018, I think those were the "in between" batches where I started fitting the capacitor (which your boards didn't have). Some later purple boards were stamped 2018. It doesn't mean of course that "all" boards during that batch had issues as the "Cause" of the failure isn't known.
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