Creating bootable freemint harddrive in Hatari for use on a real ST(E).

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Creating bootable freemint harddrive in Hatari for use on a real ST(E).

Post by ube » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:09 pm

I'm doing this on my Mac but the instructions can be altered for Linux. Windows? No idea. :D

Stuff within code blocks are terminal commands, with pund/hash for prompt:

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# command goes here
Create blank file:

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# dd if=/dev/zero of=new.img bs=1m count=8192
Configure CPU and memory: 

Machine Type.png
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I’m going with 68030@32 in this case since it’ll take forever to extract the files otherwise.

Set up Hatari to use this file as ACSI HD Image (Settings -> Disks). Also add a gemdos drive for transfering, ~/Atari/a in my case. Copy stzip and to this directory.

DE Master HD image.png
DE Master HD image.png (84.45 KiB) Viewed 4050 times

Partition drive. There are guides for this on the interwebz. Just create 4 partitions (due to Gemdos-drive assigning G:).

Using stzip extract to C:. Add HD-driver (HDDriver is my goto, got several licenses) to your C-drive, if you’re not using EMUTOS.

Find your target media:

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# diskutil list 

Unmount your the disk.

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# diskutil unmountdisk /dev/diskX
Clone disk:

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# sudo dd if=new.img of=/dev/diskX bs=1024k

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# diskutil eject /dev/diskX
Pop the media into your real hardware! And boot!


If you're setting up your environment you'll just need to clone the first partition of your drive, if you need to test it out on real hardware. Add count=<size of c: +1> to the clone command. Why +1? Just want to be sure that the full partition is written: more is more.

And I've added a 7z file of the st/ste freemint installation as well. This will unpack to 8GB. (Hopefully it'll work, haven't tried this exact one out.)

Edit: It worked. Oh, and the supplied image is WITHOUT HDDRIVER, get your own licenses.

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