Tesla coil geek week 2006 - wireless power

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Tesla coil geek week 2006 - wireless power

Post by exxos » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:48 am

12 years ago already. I hope to get back to this in the future. I have designed and built all sorts of stuff for future testings.. Though "sadly" all took a backseat for Atari stuff.

Mostly wireless power in built up areas make it next to impossible to do :( normal systems have a wavelength of like 50 miles which makes finding where the energy ends up impossible. So I designed a almost impossible system to get it down to 100 feet or so. A matter of probing the ground by walking about to find where the energy ended up. Though even that now seems impossible. So ultimately trying to think up small scale tests to got a few meters rather than miles!

A lot of my work was published on another part of my site... http://www.exxoshost.co.uk/IMPULSE2015/

Like other groups on the internet, the Tesla community basically destroyed itself and groups in recent years are pretty much dead.

I for one suggested long time ago that using power MOSFETs could be used instead of spark gaps.. People basically said it wouldn't work then few months later someone built it and I didn't even get a footnote mention for it :( mix in some idiot even took out a patent on my wireless work which was far from finished! Plus other ideas stolen from me and well.. Neededles to say I quit doing the work and stopped talking to any one about it all. So now you know why I started up my Atari work again after all that.

While it seems some people are still reasearching wireless power, they have it all wrong.. And not even close to doing what Tesla was working on. And of course, going against the masses who believe otherwise is just suicide. As I unfortunately found out.

In fact a lot of my work is actually wrong , I took the path the same as everyone else and its not correct. There are of course still a lot of interesting things to be found even by electrostatic fields. For example I could power a 100watt lamp via a single wire.

Later took things further and could power with out any wires connected to the system at all, not even a gnd connection! And this isn't the same as the florescent tube lighting up without wires, I'm talking real incandescent lamps and even drive motors, where most said was impossible! All really old news really, some 15-20 years ago.

Take for example a simple circuit of battery and a lamp.. Couldn't get any simpler.. But what if I said you could do similar but only need 1 wire for positive AND negative ? Insane right ? Well actually no. Circuit is simple and known, but not many ever heard of this circuit. Really acts like antenna, but can use antenna for both positive and negative paths. And yes, the same wire!

So yes, it made me bitter basically because of idiots from start to end and still annoys me like it all happend yesterday. But I still want to document all this work properly one day as its amazing how energy can be used in ways which seem impossible. I found this work great fun back in the day as conventional thinking doesn't really apply to these types of experiments. So I hope in the years to come to video these experiments as I think nobody ever did such yet.

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