Look what I googled today

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Look what I googled today

Post by Petari » Sun May 06, 2018 4:33 pm

https://commodore64crap.wordpress.com/2 ... s-it-again
My comment should be visible for some time, but I doubt that will be approved.

So, I will copy it here, for future times :D
"Oh dear God ! I read all kind of stupidities over decades. but this is probably worse something I seen, considering old computers.
Will not talk about success with Atari ST over years. Just this: I remember Atari 8-bit line well, and I even had 800XL for some time, but did not use it much, because I had Atari ST. Before Jack Tramiel, those computers were very expensive in Germany. No wonder that C-64 sold 100x better. Later, you could buy 800XL for same price as C-64, while it was better for sure – 2x faster CPU, more colors. It may be that some components were not so robust as before, but it was still quality computer. I knew some owners, and nobody had problems with keyboard for instance.
Your arguments against Jack Tramiel are pathetic. He was not perfect, but all reasonable people admits his contribution to microcomputer for masses development."
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Re: Look what I googled today

Post by exxos » Mon May 07, 2018 12:11 pm

Strange how really old tech tends to fail over time. Sure, some things last longer than others, also depends on "user abuse" and other factors. usual let's blame head of corp rather than self.
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